Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Wintery Weekend

Clay and I have been reading the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series, which are basically about Greek Mythology being alive and well in the modern world ... anyhow, Clay's loving the series! I can't remember the last time we've been to a regular movie theater. I usually opt for the Brew n View for $3 movies (something about being able to drink a microbrew while pizza orders are being shouted out behind you just makes the movie that much better for me :). But Hollywood has usurped this from me and put out a movie of the first book from the series, "The Lightning Thief", hence forcing us to make the pilgrimage to the new (okay, it's been there awhile, I've just never been) fancy pants theater down in Biltmore Park... stadium seating and everything! We took a couple friends who all loved it! -- and just to add in some props for homeschooling - we went to this on opening day and since we homeschool we could go in the middle of the day, there were only a dozen other people in the theater! yea!

Clay's excited to start reading more about Greek Mythology, which I remember enjoying very much, so will be glad to re-read. I think we'll have to go to the Parthenon in Nashville, TN next month when we're driving through, since it was in the movie and all :)

As the movie let out, the snow started falling. The kids skidded around the front of the theater and huddled by a restaurant's outdoor fire pit for a bit before we decided best to be safe and get home!

Thanks to Amanda's blog I made cinnamon rolls that night for a nice morning surprise for the boys... which of course led to us all eating cinnamon rolls for a better part of the day.

Being snowed in has various effects on me, this weekend it happened to be that I couldn't stop making food! We made the cinnamon rolls, granola, whole wheat crackers, and then upon Reed's insistence found a new recipe to make cheddar cheese crackers (yum!). And after dinner tonight we had leftover avocado, so made some raw brownies, which are de-freakin-licious, but the boys are still unsure of. Got a trip in to a local kid's clothing consignment sale to stock up on some ebay inventory and made a quick trip to Amazing Savings (like a thrift store of organic groceries) and got to rock out the new cloth bulk bags I made (thanks to sara for inspiration to finally do these!)

whew - that's enough shout out's with links for one post - love to everyone, hope your weekend is fun!

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