Friday, January 8, 2010

Music On the Mountaintop Aug 2009

Yes it's January and I'm writing about Summer things - but give me some credit, this is the first downtime I've seen in a long time! Fall seemed to disorient my mind when sold our house, moved to apartments and then moved to a house only a couple months later. Finally feeling a little settled and ready to update everyone :)

In late August, the kids and I and our friend Shannon and 2 of her kids went to Boone, North Carolina to the Music on the Mountaintop Festival. So good to go see live music outdoors and even better to do it with friends! This festival was headlined by Keller Williams and Sam Bush.

When we went into see the music, the kids ran around and played on empty stages for a while, but inevitably kids got tired, night got dark and mamas weren't ready to go back to camp yet. Shannon was thinking straight and brought a wagon, lantern, and toys so the kids could play and snuggle down, while the mamas danced.

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