Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

In my quest to find new things to do to keep the kids active during the Winter, my friend Amanda and I discovered that the Great Wolf Lodge has a homeschool discount! This is only a couple hours away, in Charlotte. The huge indoor water park is only available for hotel guests. So during the week, the place was practically empty (no lines!!).

The morning we left, Clay counted out all the money we had saved for the trip (which was used in the arcade)

Excited to have finally arrived!

The main play area - 3 stories of wet goodness - that giant bucket on top, to the left dumps about every 10 minutes with a gigantic splash...

The wave pool - this was a huge hit

Clay and his friend doing the obstacle course:

And Reed having a go:

The boys especially loved the big water slides, but I couldn't snap any decent photos of that - they were really fun tho (except that I realized how terribly out of shape I am when I felt about to collapse after each time climbing all those stairs!).

At night, the boys weren't ready to quit yet, so they went to the hotel arcade:

Some choice photos from Reed, who was in awe of the candy shop!

We're supposed to get another huge snow here in Asheville tonight... let's hope our power stays on this time! Now I need to go work on listing all the thrift store goodies on ebay, that I bought on our "big city" trip :)

Stay warm everyone!

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