Friday, January 8, 2010

Waynesville Rec Center

These Winter gray days are not only depressing, but also keep us indoors way too much! I'm finding myself frustrated that by homeschooling, my kids don't have access to a gym or PE class or recess or whatever during the Winter months and they really need an outlet - if anyone knows of cheap or free things to do and get some serious energy out (not classes, just free play), please let me know!!

Yesterday and the day before were free days at the Waynesville Rec Center which is about 30 minutes from Asheville. The kids love it there, and I get to get some swimming in the lap pool which always feels good...Clay on the waterslide

Our friend Ellen, and Reed feelin the flow

Stay warm everyone!


momma rae said...

that looks really fun! we have always intended to go there, but never have. is the water warm?

Julie said...

the water's fair - it'd be much better if waynesville had a hot tub like durango did!

sara farmama said...

The Buscaglia boys say "that's a cool picture!" (your header) The boys enjoyed seeing what their friends in NC are up to!
sending love,
sara & boys

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