Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time for New Adventures

This week is one for new adventures!  The whole family has actually been greatly looking forward to this week all Summer.

 Bobby left for AGI, which is a summer camp of sorts, for glass blowers.  He was really excited to go spend a week with other talented glass blowers, meeting famous artists of the trade.

Clay left for his first sleep-away camp at Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania.  He saved up the tuition all by himself.  Such a rock star!  There are many different sports tracks to choose from there.  Clay chose skateboarding, and rode up there with 2 of his best friends who chose in-line skating and parkour.  They reluctantly let me take their photo before piling in the car for the 10 hour drive.
Blossom, Reed and I are still in Asheville for most of the week.  We are busy packing and planning to leave for our trip on Friday.  We are taking a trip up to Finger Lakes, New York (Watkins Glen specifically) to go to a festival put on by my favorite band, Phish.  We'll be seeing the band play a couple times on the way up, as well as hitting some tourist spots like Niagara Falls, Watkins Glen State Park and Hershey, PA.

As a little warm-up to all the live music we'll be seeing, Blossom and I went to see Dark Star Orchestra (a Grateful Dead cover band) play at one of my favorite venues in Asheville, Pisgah Brewery.  It's a very family friendly venue and Blossom had a great time dancing and playing with all the other kids!
Keep an eye on the blog for our adventures of the next couple weeks!!

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