Friday, August 28, 2015

Finding the Balance (aka Magnaball Trip Part 3)

After days of concerts and driving, city adventures and tourist attractions, it was time for some downtime.  We found an Airbnb rental in the Finger Lakes region.  We had our own walk-out basement apartment surrounded by a lovely farm, hikes, a pond, a pool, and even our own full kitchen.  For only $50 a night it was a win!

Our room happened to also be a lego storage room (the kids of the house were all teenagers, so these weren't played with anymore).  Both kids had a blast getting into those plus the shelves of board games.  The wildflowers alone were enough to keep Blossom happy!
I had a chance to re-freeze our ice packs, do laundry, dry out and re-sort our gear and basically get ready to be at a festival for 4 days.  A farm decompression time was just what we needed to regroup.
The hikes were especially nice, and one of the farm dogs even tagged along!
Of course the kids found treasures, even some live ones.
Doesn't that frog look like he's begging to do an obstacle course?? The kids realized his needs, and built him some challenges to encourage his athletic side.

Finally, they let Frog go by the pond as we headed out on a boat ride before calling it a day.

to be continued ...

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