Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Headed North (or Magnaball Trip Part 1)

Whew - we just came back from a fantastic week and a half on the road!  There are too many photos to put into one post, so I'll post bit by bit.

On a Friday, Reed, ZB and I packed up into the minivan and headed East to Raleigh to see my fave band, Phish.  It was a great show!  We hung towards the back of the lawn with lots of other families, so all the kids could run around together.  Once it was dark, glow toys came out, and the kids eventually fell asleep on the blanket to the sweet sounds of Phish.
On Saturday, we headed North to Baltimore to catch the next Phish show.  On the way, we stopped in my old stomping grounds of Richmond, Virgina.
Reed was uber impressed with their fantastic park system.
We eventually wandered over to Maymont, which is right near my old house, and has huge, beautiful gardens, as well as petting zoo, aviary, aquarium, etc.
It was a real challenge to pull them away from all the loveliness of Maymont and get us back on the road again!  It was really fun to take them to places I remember so well bringing Clay as a baby over a decade ago.

A few more hours in the car got us to Merriweather Post Pavillion in Maryland.  The kids helped me sell $1 waters before the show to fund our trip... well, Reed helped while Blossom dug holes :)
The show was again great.  The lawn at Merriweather doesn't have the best sound, but there were lots of other families there, which was very fun!  We danced the night away!

to be continued...

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