Thursday, December 25, 2014

Winter Holiday

Winter is here!  The boys went to California to spend the holidays with their Dad.  They will be gone for 3 weeks - yikes!  I will admit I teared up a bit as they boarded the plane... this is the longest they will have ever been gone from home.

I made sure to get a few pre-boarding photos from the gate at the airport (they let the parents go to the gate with unaccompanied minors).

The weather has been so gray and dreary here, that we decided to give Blossom her present from us on early, when she had a buddy over.  When I was pregnant with Blossom and stopped doing in-home childcare, I saved a big box of vintage Fisher Price Little People toys. 
 I brought the box up from the basement yestereday, and she LOVES them!  (I knew she would, that's why I saved them, after all :)  She and her friend played with them for hours yesterday.

When she woke up this morning, she instantly went back to playing.  She opened one other present from her PopPop today, which was a super cute dress and matching dress for her doll.  We are spending the rest of the day packing.  Tomorrow morning, we leave for a 4-day trip to the DC area.  Bobby is taking a glass-blowing class and Blossom and I will visit Bobby's family DC and go see one of my sweet girlfriends in Baltimore.
We're are going to split the rest of Blossom's presents up for after we come home from our trip, and when the boys come home.  I'm off to continue packing - hope everyone is staying warm and cozy and happy this holiday season!

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