Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids had a great Halloween this year! 

Reed and Blossom had a great time decorating their pumpkins.  Reed worked hard to carve some choice spooky animals on his pumpkin (bat & raven).

 Blossom had a lot of fun painting, applying sharpie and hammering nails into her pumpkin.  Most of the nails she had threaded with a couple beads before hammering them in.

I wanted to make Blossom a costume for Halloween, but she changed her mind at least 2-3 times each day about what she wanted to dress up as (rainbow, fairy, bat, princess, and "no-noggin" were in constant rotation, along with many new ideas).  We decided to just let her wear things from her dress-up.  Then, we received a package from Gram in the mail on Halloween day that had more dress-up clothes.  At that point, Blossom chose a new costume, which was a mermaid.

Reed was a homeless guy.  Here he is with his trick-or-treating buddies:

Clay (didn't get a picture of that sneaky teenager!) dressed up as "the Party" with a couple of his friends.  They had matching fleece animal pajama-looking costumes and a backpack with built-in speakers and glowsticks, so they played music and danced wherever they went :)

We took Blossom trick-or-treating at about 5 houses (notice the very small pocketbook she was using to collect treats!), which was just right for her first time doing it.  The boys, however, came home with piles of candy, which I'm sure they'll take care of quickly!

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