Saturday, December 27, 2014

DC with a Preschooler

Blossom and I spent the day in DC together today, while Bobby was at his first day of his glass blowing workshop.  I am EXHAUSTED!  (She is too, but is fighting sleep in the bed next to me right now!)  We took the METRO into DC to the Smithsonian stop. (photo credit to ZB!)

We walked to the Museum of Natural History, which was great!

 I had several recommendations for this museum with a preschooler in tow.  She was most excited to see the dinosaur exhibit, which wasn't as big as we had hoped, but still neat.  We walked through a long hallway of various animal skeletons on the way to the dinos, which was definitely interesting.  Blossom loved those more than I thought she would.

We then wound our way around to the insect exhibit. This was really cool, with live insects, hands-on exhibits and even a "pet a bug" station!
I really wanted to take her to the gems and minerals section, but the little lady was ready for food, and it seemed a good time to get outside for a break.  The weather was so gorgeous today, we couldn't spend it all inside!  We snacked, listened to some street musicians and made our way to the Washington Monument.  She thought it was a castle and really wanted to go inside to the top, but settled for a picture next to it.

We meandered around a bit more before getting back on the METRO and heading to the National Zoo.  We met up with Blossom's cousins there and little ZB became quite tired and cranky, so unfortunately the zoo trip didn't last very long.  Blossom's favorite animals were the huge turtles,the iguanas and the gorillas.

Now we are snuggling down in bed and gearing up for a big day in Baltimore tomorrow!

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