Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Big City Trip, 2 - We're Here!

We're here and tired!  A relaxed morning to get everything in order, 2 DC Metro rides into downtown Washington DC, a 4 hr Amtrak ride to New York City, a subway ride to Port Authority Bus Terminal, and a final bus ride to Teaneck, New Jersey, and we've made it! Woo-hoo!  Everyone has been so nice and helpful - offering up directions, random strangers offering to carry bags on escalators for us, so grateful!  That final bus ride was the most crowded, right at rush hour of course...  I'm glad I decided at the last minute to bring the umbrella stroller and not the larger stroller I purchased for the trip.  We are all really looking forward to going out and about tomorrow WITHOUT all that baggage!

Our apartment is great, we've already met the folks who work at the Quiche Restaurant downstairs, and the folks who work at the deli next door.  It was great to arrive in an apartment with beer, veggies, eggs and quiche already in the fridge!!

Here's the few pictures I snapped today during all the public transit craziness:

This is at Union Station in Washington DC.  I dragged the kids outside just so we could see the city before boarding the train, since we really only had to walk upstairs to get from the Metro train to the Amtrak train.  They were not thrilled that we just went outside to see the outside, and really wanted to get back inside and find lunch!

 ZB on the Amtrak trying to get up to Reed's seat. "I stuck! I stuck"  She did a good job of entertaining us, not to mention the other passengers:
 Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey in just 4 hours!
I'll check back in tomorrow with Big City pictures!

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