Sunday, October 13, 2013

Big City, 6 - Art & the Park

Today's itinerary:
Number 1: Take the E train uptown, transfer at Lexington to the uptown 6 train to 86th Street.  ZB's "Ring Around the Rosie" game now ends by saying, "We all jump up!", because have you seen the subway terminal floors? ew.

Walk by the Guggenheim, so Reed can see the real-life version of his Lego set.  We went in the lobby as well to get a good view of the very cool spiral design.
Ate lunch at fancy French Bakery/Cafe on Madison Ave., definitely the fanciest place the boys have ever eaten.  Not formal-fancy, but the food was definitely fancy.  Both boys wanted hot cocoa with their food.  They served $6 a cup Belgian Hot Chocolate.  It came as a big mug of warm frothy milk and a little cup of bittersweet liquid chocolate to pour in.  The boys appreciated the fancy part of it, and were also glad there was a shaker of sugar at the table.  My prosciutto/goat cheese/pear tartine was divine :)

Number 2: Walk down 5th Ave to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET). 

Reed was starting to show signs of being bored before even getting our tickets (he keeps having spells of pessimistic complaining and arguing that are really getting old for all of us on this trip).  Our first area of the MET to visit was the gift shop.  I instructed him to buy 4 or 5 postcards of pieces of art, then he had to find them in the museum.
His treasure hunt started well as he found gorgeously detailed armor in the armory & weaponry room, but soon found that many of the postcards they have are of pieces that aren't currently on display.  At least it got him to go to various exhibits asking docents about the art.  We had to allow some cheats, like finding something by the same artist if the photographed piece wasn't on display.
Betty and I could have stayed here all day wandering around - but the kids had a much more limited attention span.  We did get them to walk through a few more exhibits with the promise of a good view over Central Park if they made it to the rooftop.
Number 3:  Central Park!  This was last on today's list, and we really got to explore.  Found cool, old-fashioned playgrounds and lots of climbable sculptures.
Watched as someone raced their remote-controlled speedboat through the sailboats:
Did some more climbing and exploring at Belvedere Castle (the second tallest structure in the park, as well as the meteorological data collection spot for Manhattan).  Yeah, they probably weren't supposed to be climbing it, but there's only so many times I can point out the obvious to my kids in one day before I just give up.
As the sun set, we played at the beautiful Bethesda Fountain.  Oh so beautiful!  We all loved this place, well, loved the whole park, and could easily have spent an entire day just being in Central Park.
Alas, we had to leave to find some food before it got too late.  Next time we're in New York City, much more time will be spent in Central Park for sure!
Gram leaves to go home to Memphis in the morning, and we spend our last full day in NYC tomorrow before heading down to Washington DC (maybe the shutdown will be over and we'll actually get to see things there?).  Anyhow, tomorrow it's into Chinatown and take 2 of seeing the Statue of Liberty!

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Melissa Crowe said...

Looks like you're all having fun! We missed you at co-op today! I had to be hall monitor in the pm b/c there was no Blossom for me hang out with in the nursery. :-) See you soon!

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