Saturday, October 12, 2013

Big City, 5 - Sunshine!

After cloudy and rainy days since our arrival, we were so glad to awaken to a sunshiney and warm Fall day!  We started the day off going into Brooklyn and walking back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge.
It is very windy up there!  Both boys had to hold their hats several times for fear of them blowing into the East River.

And the views were spectacular!!  Statue of Liberty on one side with the harbor, and the city skyline on the other.
With the Saturday sunshine crowds, also came the guys making money any way they could.  This guy would let you hold his snake if you paid him :)  We opted for the free version of Reed just standing next to him.
Once we were on shore again, we stopped to watch a street performance, and Reed was pulled out of the crowd to volunteer in a guy-flipping-over-a-bunch-of-people stunt.  It absolutely made his day to be chosen!

Next, we rode a train to the East Village.  It was a totally different vibe than the more touristy areas we've been in so far.  Lots of college students, homeless folks, and general hipster-types.  Restaurants and bars at nearly every doorway, only interrupted by a few tattoo parlors, piercing shops, and general provision stores.  We had read about a little place called Crif Dog and as soon as I told the boys, "they serve deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dogs with chili cheese tater tots", they both immediately asked how soon we could go.  The hotdogs were delicious, the place was full and generally a dive bar type place.  I ordered BLT dog off the menu, and the boys ordered pretty plain dogs (if you call call something wrapped in bacon "plain").  They regretted their boring choices, so we ordered one more for the road.  This is called the Lil' Mama: bacon-wrapped hot dog, topped with peanut butter, pickles and crushed potato chips.  All three kids LOVED it.  You can form your own opinion on that taste combo, but I figure, at least their trying new things, right?
Since we were in the neighborhood, we had to go to Houston Street - the only reference we know of, of how to pronounce our last name correctly ("like Houston, Texas?  No, like Houston Street in New York City.") 'House-ton'
It was getting kind of late at this point, and we decided to put off the last part of schedule for a different day, which was taking the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.  At the Port Authority, waiting for our bus back to the apartment, it was obvious Gram had adjusted to the way things are here.  I don't think I ever would have guessed I would see her sitting on the floor of a bus station.  But, in a place with no benches (none!) and tired people, sometimes you've just got to make do.
Back to the apartment for dinner from the Quiche restaurant downstairs and a bath for the toddler who felt inclined to skooch herself across the floors of multiple grimy subway stations today.  Until tomorrow, rest well - I know we will!

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Jane said...

Hugs to you all! Reed, how awesome that you were chosen for the acrobatic skit!

Love you, Grandma

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