Sunday, February 12, 2012


It's finally cold enough that I just don't have any desire to go outside. Except that B is working hard on the chicken coop, so I do go out to see the progress, and offer my probably-not-helpful input :) He's doing an awesome job - these birds will be living in style!
There's still a dusting of snow left on the ground from the all-day snow we had yesterday.
The boys had a blast in the snow yesterday... R made this big snow (now ice) ball, it's good and dirty, having been rolled on a ground that only had an inch or two of snow. And it's now conveniently located right in front of the door so no one will forget about it :)

ZB and I were wimps and mostly stayed inside today. I worked on some mending and finished getting items ready for a big children's consignment sale, that I'm participating in this weekend. We did our best to keep bellies warm and full and made these super yum buckwheat pecan rolls!
Of course ZB was very helpful, as usual ;)

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