Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dinner Talk

I've got no news or updates or anything, just cuteness from the ZeeBster...

Oh, I can make a little brag - the chair she's sitting in was an awesome thrift find! I was in the checkout line in Goodwill, when I heard this conversation behind me, at the next register,
"No, I'm sorry, we don't take returns on furniture"
"But I can't use it. I thought it was a step stool, but now I'm pretty sure it's some kind of strange high chair."

At which point, I turned around and saw it was a Stokke chair:
Stokke Link
which retail at over $200, in perfect condition.
I promptly wrote the woman a check for $10 (this was more than she originally paid for it), and happily loaded it in my car! It matches our table and everything. My mom bought the "baby set" so ZB can sit in it (when she grows out of that, it's a regular chair also), but I even found a good deal on that, on ebay in a listing where the seller didn't really know what it was called and listed it incorrectly. So I bought it for half of what they normally go for on ebay.
Retail for chair and baby set: $273
My total price: $34

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Autumn said...

Awww, so adorable!

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