Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ZB Buddies

Miss ZB is one of the most popular babies I've met... she attends monthly baby get-togethers - okay, really just an excuse for the parents of the babies to have a drink together and discuss the woes of sleep-deprivation and triumphs of baby milestones! Here she is at her last get-together, being tackled by her buddy... of course i probably should have been helping her out, but she seemed rather content, and let me take photos :)

When we go to homeschool co-op, she's nearly immediately handed off into expectant arms of sweet mamas and children...
And she LOVES the attention! She's doing great in the nursery for a couple hours in the morning without me. During one of the hours, the Duct Tape class is next door to the nursery, and all the boys in that class wanted to make Blossom a hat - they even all went in and presented it to her - so sweet! And cute!
So here's a big virtual hug from ZB to all her buddies out there!! ((hugs))

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