Thursday, September 29, 2011

6 Months!

Woo-hoo! We have a 6 month old in the house - Boy, that went quickly!

The girl is so strong, and still working on the coordination. She has quickly learned to crawl - she can make it across a room now before getting tired out. She's doing pretty good with eating foods, though she's not terribly excited about the idea yet. Today she tried plain, whole-milk yogurt for the first time - you wouldn't guess by the amount on her face and bib (and hands and floor and table...), but she actually did eat quite a bit.

We found a fun score at the thrift store today - a big, sturdy Step 2 slide! The boys are okay with keeping it in use while we wait for ZB to grow big enough for it...

And a little humor for you today - I thought I'd try to some new things from the grocery today - so I bought this Central American cheese... looks kinda neat, right? I even read the label and everything to make sure no funky ingredients were in it...
Unfortunately, I didn't read *all* of the label, and we soon found out our tropical cheese is from the far away paradise of... New Jersey. haha! Perhaps I should read the whole label next time!

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