Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hunter's Moon

Basking in the chilly nights of the Hunter's Moon and I LOVE this season! Leaves changing, warm soup, apple cider, halloween parties...

Our homeschool co-op had a great halloween party this year. There was a bounce house, a bake sale, a costume contest, scarecrow making, cupcake walk, face painting and more that I'm probably forgetting! It's good for us to have this a few days before halloween, or else I will literally put off making costumes until Halloween Eve (if not later)...

Reed won "Most Mummy-ish" in the costume contest:
This was my contribution to the party - a "feelie" box with all sorts of random foods inside - leaving the kids to guess if it was actually brains, or maybe just a boiled cabbage (the smell gave that one away for sure :)
Awesome cupcakes made by a homeschoolin' mama for the Cupcake Walk game:

Another day we went to the Eliada Home Corn Maze with the Homeschool Co-op... the kids had a blast, especially burying each other in the corn box:

A not-so-great thing about the season is it brings to an end the farmers markets. The one in Black Mountain had an end-of-season Harvest Party with demos of sheep herding, mozzarella cheese stretching and more. The kids got to hold animals and milk a goat!

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