Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I really do like this holiday, even though I gripe about all the candy-begging that goes on :) I'm a big fan of costumes and parties and apple bobbing and all of that - so all of my friends should stop calling me a party pooper already! The boys rocked out their costumes this year. My sewing machine is being used by the Homeschool Co-op right now, so the boys were left to their own devices for costumes, with mainly the use of the hot glue gun. Clay made an awesome zombie and Reed did a spooky mummy (okay, I made it, but Reed certainly helped :)

The trick-or-treating kid crew:
Part of the grown-up crew:
The hot and tired trick-or-treaters sorting and feasting!
For the last photo, I'll leave you with the fairly disturbing image of Clay eating a warhead candy haha! I think he nearly cried...

Happy Halloween!!

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