Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm In Business!

A couple months ago, I wanted some legwarmers, but wasn't pleased with what was on the market. So, stubborn me had to make my own! The very first night I wore them out, to the Xmas Jam concert downtown, I got SO many compliments and strangers asking where they could buy them, etc. So, I thought about it a bit, and decided that maybe it could be a good business opportunity!

There were obstacles - One being that I've done this before! Going on phish tour, selling at so many festivals and shows, I got burnt out on sewing for others. But I figure, this time it's not my sole source of income and I can work as I please and not feel pressured. Second, it was an obstacle to figure out how to make these one-size-fits-all. Mine were custom made for me, of course. I tried several different ideas, and then a friend came over and suggested doing half elastic, half velcro (like the sleeve cuff on a kids' winter coat). It was a remarkable great idea! They stay on even better than the ones I custom made for myself originally!! So, both problems solved, time to start sewing!

Wish me luck! And if you know any gals who like some funky outfits, send 'em my way :)

Many thanks for Bryce and Steve for having sewing sessions with me and letting me bounce ideas off them; thanks Jackie and Falan's husband (sorry on the name blank!) for the velcro inspiration; and of course thanks to Bryce and Shonna for the awesome photos!!


organic tribe said...

I LOVE my super sexy leg warmers you made!!! And the skirt! It's a bit warm in Mexico to wear the leg warmers, but in the evening I can still sport them!

Julie said...

yes we all know you're in Mexico, soaking in the sunshine on the beach, while i'm at home weather-stripping my door against the impending snow... rub it in, why don't ya? ;) glad you're loving on the threads!

early girl. said...

Go Julie, go Julie! I love your shop and I've been meaning to tell you how awesome your photos are too!

Betty said...

Cute idea. Love the pictures of you. Hope you new business does well.

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