Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Gang Goes to Portland

My first Oregon post will pretty pretty short, as I want to get this posted before we are out of wi-fi range.  We went straight to Portland to stay in an Airbnb for a few days.  We are about to head down the coast and camp in state parks.

We've done all kinds of fun things like explore downtown, sample many delicious Portland donuts and kombuchas (yum!!), and check out cool parks.
This park was right in downtown and the rope and steel play structures resemble the many bridges going over the river right behind the park.
 This park is Rocky Butte, which was right near our Airbnb rental.  It had a fantastic view of downtown Portland, Mt. Hood and Mt Saint Helens.  ZB was especially excited for the latter!
The big city was pretty overwhelming for Bobby and I, honestly.  I'm excited to get back to camping.  But we did have fun while we were here.  ZB's favorite part was the Rose Garden in Washington Park.  600 varieties of roses in over 10,000 plantings!  She took a bunch of photos, which I'll post a sampling of here, including a nice one of the rest of our crew!

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