Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Headed West

Howdy!  We worked our butts off getting our house ready for Airbnb, and it's booked for nearly the whole time we'll be gone!  Clay decided to stay in Asheville while the rest of us road trip.  He just turned 17 and got a Summer job.  He'll be staying with friends, and skateboarding a lot - sounds like a great Summer!

We started off our road trip on Memorial Day weekend.  Bobby drove overnight and we reached Omaha in no time!  We loved visiting with Grandma, Bob and Uncle David and their sweet dogs.
We met up with one of my sweet friends from High School, who now has a daughter that's ZB's age!  They loved each other and we all went to the Joslyn Art Museum, they had a great kids area.

We walked a pedestrian bridge over the Missouri River (Iowa/Nebraska state line) in the gorgeous midwest sunset and got to wander around parks with fields just right for ZB to go wildflower hunting.

We ended our trip to Omaha by visiting the famous Henry Doorley Zoo.  We loved so many parts of it!  Blossom was especially tickled to be able to walk right up to one of the many wandering peacocks and snap a photo. And then, cool off in the Artic-themed splashpark.

We then packed up and headed West again!

First stop was Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming for some camping next to these amazing rock formations!  We all had a fun time hiking around and doing some bouldering. When we first arrived, there was a light rain and out came a double rainbow to greet us - so beautiful!

The following day, we headed to Idaho for 4 days of camping and enjoying various hot springs in the state.  Did you know that Idaho has the most hot springs in one state?  Pretty amazing!  We went to 3 of them, and camped right next to one.  What a great way to wake up in the morning!

 And P.S. - Thanks Mom & Bob for the new tires!!  This was the road in Boise National Forest that led to our campsite.  I'm not sure it really even captures how big those ruts were...The tires work well!
Before heading out of Idaho, we randomly met up with some good Asheville friends who were actually vacationing in Boise - what are the chances?!?
Loved this part of trip!

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