Friday, April 22, 2016

World Finals is Happening!!

Clay's Odyssey of the Mind team has advanced to the World Finals for the 3rd and final year.  Not only did they place first at the Regional and State competitions, they also won the Renatra Fusca award at States.

Renatra Fusca is the highest honor a team can earn by extreme creative problem solving!  Way to go out with a bang on their final year!!

The vehicle they designed is powered by a swing!  So cool!

  Clay and his team mates have worked so darn hard on the project, and now are working tirelessly to earn the money to get to the World Finals.  They have raised $2000 so far, and still have $6000 to raise by the end of May.  They are doing boatloads of yard work around town, putting on a yard sale, having multiple fundraising dinners, etc.  But every year, our biggest fundraiser is just getting donations from family and friends.... like YOU!

I do so appreciate anything you can give to help out these awesome kids.  I am so proud of them!!  To donate, just use the donate button on this website:

Thank you!!!!!

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