Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Year Old ZB!

Zion Blossom turned 5 years old this week!  She's only been looking forward to it and planning the party for 11 months now.  She started the morning with birthday breakfast (requested waffles and bananas this year) and present opening!
Even a new bike arrived from Grandma, which was immediately adorned with the new basket and bell from Sissa and taken for a ride!
Cake was homemade ice cream cake from vanilla and mint chocolate chip with whipped cream topping.  She wanted to decorate with strawberries, fresh mint leaves and rainbow sprinkles...
Blossom had a few friends over to help celebrate and had a most lovely day!

When uploaded these photos on my computer, I found that the teenagers had gotten hold of my camera after the birthday party!!  Some of the photos were obnoxious (okay, most), but this sweet one was on there of Clay and his girlfriend Bella. So cute that I had to share!

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