Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rainbow Cape!

We had such a sweet (but too short!) visit with Sissa and Big Pa this weekend.  ZB was just tickled to get to reconnect with her grandparents.  And it starts a month of seeing all the grandparents, actually!  Sissa and ZB got to play dress-up, put on a puppet show and even do each other's hair.
The following day, ZB reminded me I had never made her the rainbow cape she had requested probably a month ago.  Such a slacker am I :)
ZB helped me choose and iron the fabrics.  I cut pieces while she drew shapes on scraps and cut those out.
I told her I would sew it after she went to bed.  She instructed me to wrap it in a piece of silk, tie it with a ribbon and put it in a gift bag, so there could be present-opening in the morning. ha!  This kid cracks me up!
 I think it turned out awfully cute, and ZB is pleased as well!

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