Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Homemade Halloween

Clay has decided he is too old for trick or treating.  He's 15, so it's not any great surprise :)  He did walk around to some friends houses who were having Halloween parties.  He and a few of his friends printed off pictures of a singer's face and used them as a mask and that was it for them!

Reed and Blossom, however, got fully in the spirit.  Reed worked for so long on his Link costume (from the Legend of Zelda).  He actually made a wooden shield by himself several months ago.  Then, he designed the costume and meticulously painted the shield just right!
Blossom wanted to be Tiger Lily from Peter Pan.  Every little part had to be just right.  She painted some boots just the right color, even!  The dress was pretty quick to sew and we had a fun time making our first yarn wig.
Reed went trick-or-treating with a group of homeschool boys.  ZB and I went with another group of friends who mostly have younger girls:
Blossom got about 20 pieces of candy and was delighted!  Hope everyone had a fun holiday!


Dawn Rebekah said...

What a great homemade Halloween.
Blessings, Dawn

joshua54 said...

Hey, I just love these halloween costumes. You just reminded me of the halloween fashion show that I organized for my Phoenix kindergarten students. The kiddos were looking so cute in those DIY outfits that their mothers made for them.

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