Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some New Looks

I got my boys back!!! I'm so happy :)  Though, the teenager is naturally more excited to see his friends, so is spending copious amounts of time with them, which is fine, too - I'm just glad to have them back home!

On one of the last days of their California vacation, their dad took them to Lake Tahoe where Reed broke his wrist.  Not a super bad break, but he had only a splint on until we could get him to a real doctor here in Asheville.  Now, he is sporting this beauty for the next month or so!
ZB has also decided to sport a new look.  The day I spent in Charlotte picking up the boys, I got a call from B semi-freaking out that ZB had spent a long time in the bathroom, and came out saying, "I don't want long hair now!"  I evened it out when I got home, but oh my, it's taking some getting used to!  How I loved those curls!

Here she is at PreK Art Group this weekend doing a woodworking project:

Hopefully we are done with big changes for a while, but knowing this family, I highly doubt it :)

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