Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Road Trip to Raleigh - LEGO KidsFest

Reed invited 2 of his friends to join us on a road trip to Raleigh this weekend.  The LEGO KidsFest was set up in their Convention Center for the weekend.  After a 4 hour drive with these great traveling companions, as well as a toddler who was feeling quite under the weather, we entered the LEGO mayhem :)

Cool sculpture area, set-themed building areas, and games all had to be explored.  The kids wanted to spend quite a while in the Monochromatic Build area.

They played in the Racer area, building cars and racing them down big ramps.  Next, the nearly-literally dived into the Big Brick Pile!
They buried each other, searched for interesting pieces and got stepped on a couple times before moving on to challenge areas.  One of the challenges they did was forming a team to build a 4-foot platform out of Duplos (big legos).  The structures were elevated onto pillars to make a bridge, which then was tested to see how much weight it could hold.
We checked out the Lego shop and got a glimpse of Creation Nation before they closed.  That was a HUGE map of the US covered in kids' creations - very cool!

These were a great group of kids to travel with, so glad we got to go!

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