Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monster Trucks!

Little known fact about me:  I have secretly always wanted to attend a Monster Truck rally.  Seriously.  When I was in college in Florida I almost got to go see school bus racing on a figure 8 track, but plans were changed and my dreams of seeing big vehicles doing stupid things were put on hold for quite a while.

And then I found out that the Monster X Tour was coming to Asheville - woohoo!  There was even a Groupon for it.. it's like it's calling my name.
Bobby and I took the boys on a Sunday afternoon.  The "Pit Party" happened beforehand.  You get to check out the trucks, meet the drivers and take silly pictures:
The kids also got to ride around in the arena in the back of one of the trucks.
Unfortunately, the photos stop there, sorry!  Reed has great photos on his iPod, but we can't seem to get them to email to me.  If you are friends with him on instagram, you have probably seen the awesomeness already :)  There was racing, wheelie competitions, jumping and freestyling, as well as quad (4-wheelers) racing in between the monster truck racing.

One more thing to check off the bucket list!

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