Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Snipet of Winter

Our Toddler Art Group met this week to create birdfeeders for those poor little birds that can't have much to eat in these cold Winter months!  We found a fun recipe that mixed bread crumbs, birdseed and shortening and then you spread that onto pinecones.  The kids LOVED the mixture part!  I'm so glad we had them do that, because once it was time to push it onto the pinecones, they nearly all left the table in search of a new activity!

Reed got busy this week preparing cards for a Valentine's Day exchange with one of his homeschool classes.
And just for clarification, yes, he *can* rhyme, we just all thought this was a pretty funny poem he made up :)

Today it has been snowing all day long, and ZB was very surprised to find a package at the door for her.  What a fun treat, thank you Sissa!  This was her reaction when Bobby pulled out each new thing:

A box full of dress-up, that even the boys couldn't resist trying on:
She pranced around in her new attire for a while, and then off to play in the new snow!
Stay warm everyone!

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