Friday, January 17, 2014

New Years Round-up

Hello!  It's been a while since I've posted, and some fun things have happened.  I haven't posted because my computer has just come back from an extended stay at a couple repair shops (a couple because after 2 weeks, we found out the first repair shop hadn't even touched my computer even after I had called them twice and they told me when it should be ready... grrr...)

Christmas was great and relaxing.  The boys received a lot of cash presents, and to prevent them from spending it all on candy, I had them make lists of what they would spend cash on.  Reed is going to start piano lessons, and Clay bought a few punch passes for Parkour class at the gym.  He is taking the bus downtown 2 nights week to go to class, and LOVES it!

We also received fun things like a robe my grandmother made, and a lot of us tried on....
Bobby got everyone high-power flashlights and pocket knives.  At first, he just gave the boys the batteries for the flashlights :)

ZB could have cared less about gifts, as she was excited that people sent us sweet treats!
She did receive a couple nice books and lots of cute clothes!  Here she is modeling her new mouse slippers:

For our Christmas day projects, we made a big, crazy cardboard box house for ZB, which she is still decorating and playing in.  We also ditched the no-grain, no-sugar diet for the day and prepared a big biscuit and gravy breakfast, and a big roast for dinner with lots of fixings!

Reed wanted to make sugar cookies on Christmas day, and we did make the dough, but after that huge dinner and eating treats all day, none of us wanted to make cookies!  So, the sugar & grains stretched into the next few days ;)

Over the holidays, we also added a new member to the family!  We have been passively looking for a cat to be a mouser around the house and yard.  On the Solstice, I was looking up directions to the Humane Society, and their website said that for that 1 day, all animals were only $5!!  Wow!  I think that's pretty unbeatable for an animal that is fixed and up-to-date on shots and vet care.  We brought home a kitten, and named her Zelda.  She's a sweet potato for sure!

When New Year's Eve came around, everyone except Bobby got the flu.  It was pretty yucky and lasted a whole week.  Clay fared better, and his only lasted a few days, so he left to go snowboarding with friends while the rest of us snuggled in bed with books and Netflix.

Once we all felt better, the boys decided to pool the rest of their Christmas money and buy a trampoline! 
They have been wanting one for a couple years, and found a great deal on Craigslist.  They are using it every day and having a great time.  I think it was a good purchase!
I'm glad for all the computer and sickness issues to be over with, and now we can look on to the new year!

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Jane said...

Hurrah! We finally heard from you! Thanks for all the updates. So sorry you were all sick. Glad the gifts worked out well. Love the trampoline! I want to try it! Love you, Grandma

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