Friday, December 6, 2013

Enjoying the Fall

Everywhere I look on the internet is cute crafts and photos all getting ready for Christmas and Winter.  I am enjoying the great Fall weather while we still have it!  I'm not a huge fan of snow (if God could only make warm snow, I'd be all about it!).  A pumpkin is roasting in the oven right now prepping for a nice batch of pumpkin ale homebrew, and a rich veggie soup is simmering on the stove as the night cools down a little from the 60 degree days we've been having.
ZB seems to be ready to nest into Winter, I guess.  She had the idea to make a box house, which I thought was pretty neat for a 2yo - I don't think she's ever seen one before!
But she is sure enjoying these last Fall days...

 when she can still get good and muddy and not too cold!

  ZB and her friend Jude had too much fun adding dandelions and pebbles to the mud and then jumping with reckless abandon.
I had to make sure to get a couple shots before the headed in for a bath :)

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Jane said...

Mud is so great to play in.

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