Monday, November 18, 2013

Clean Sparkly

ZB is still really into dressing herself, or at least being a part of the process.  She may even decide to have a kitchen dance party (so she can watch herself in the oven-door reflection).
Sometimes she gets all dressed up! Yes, she even has a tutu on under the dress for extra poof :)

A lot of times, the dress up involves face tattoos with markers.  As I'm typing, she has black stripes coming from the sides of each eye!  As you may be able to see in the bunny ears photo, she has the remains of a rainbow across the forehead.  That night, I told her, "Tomorrow you can take a shower and get all clean and sparkly".  ZB exclaims, "Green and Sparkly!? Yah!"
She woke up the next morning asking for green and sparkly.  Well, I got her clean, and then went searching for green sparkles.  I thought we could do a sparkle project, but alas, green glitter was not in my craft supplies.  I asked, "Purple and sparkly?"  She set to work with her glue paintbrush:
Learned how to gently sprinkle glitter over the whole picture, and also gently shake it off onto the butcher paper-lined table:
As the project seemed done in my eyes, ZB had other plans.  Another coat of glue was obviously needed to ensure extra-long drying time.
And to finish it off, and make sure we keep seeing glitter stuck under fingernails for a long time, a little bit of finger-painting needed to happen.
Our art class at co-op is over for the semester, and we've started an art group for ZB's toddler buddies here at the house.  Can't wait for that cuteness!

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