Sunday, March 24, 2013

Craft Time & List Making

Reed has been going to "Thursday School" this semester, which he loves!  It is a group of homeschoolers that meet for classes once a week with hired teachers.  He's taking a hands-on geometry class and a drama class and it's really one of his favorite things.  I'm happy just to see him do something new and without me there or any siblings - neat to watch him make his own friends that aren't in our regular circle of friends.  He came home very excited from this week's class because Mr. Ian had them make projects on his nail board.   Reed wanted one of his own, and immediately set to work sawing and nailing, even after the sun went down.
Then he quickly showed us how to make really neat geometric art on it:
He's a very proud guy about this!

I'm glad the boys are keeping busy (and helping keep ZB busy), because I'm in countdown mode to the little lady's 2nd birthday!
1. Finish making curtains for ZB's room ... check!  I finally had an idea of curtains to make and had been procrastinating getting more than half-way done for too long.  They look awesome though!  I found white curtains at Target that just needed shortening.  Then I simply appliqued dragonflies and bubbles on... I can't believe I put it off so long!

2. Make dragon eggs for the Harry Potter class I'm teaching at co-op.  This is tomorrow's work.  We're planning a dragon egg hunt for the class the day after Easter.  Must finish before the weekend birthday party.  Photos to follow, I'm sure :)
3. Make party favors for the birthday party
4. Figure out the party menu
5. Test some grain-free cupcake recipes
6. Have a cooking day with another grain-free family - I'm so excited for this!  Lots of cooking, mama-time and toddler play date time.
7. Help the boys build a birthday-gift sandbox

Let's hope for a productive week!

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