Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moving Right Along

One of our great neighbors came over on Chrstmas eve day to help B put new hardwood floors in the new bedroom.  Here's the scene from the morning:
The guys wanted doors open, power tools running and a VERY loud air compressor in the hallway.  So the kids and I took our leave... except Clay, who as he gets closer to the teenage mark seems to have the magical power to actually sleep through anything!
We went to one of the few places that was open on Christmas Eve day, the hands-on science museum.  It was probably only open because it is connected to a mall, and was surprisingly full of little kids (I figured it would be desolate from the holiday for some reason).  It was ZB's first time there and she LOVED it!  Reed found plenty of science experiments set up for him to explore and ZB was enchanted by the sprawling toddler areas.

Hey, hands only, miss!

 I didn't actually get many photos of Reed since I was chasing a busy toddler around, but did find Reed had been sculpting big legos and wanted to capture the creation before a toddler came along to destroy it!
And this is the lovely scene I came home to.  There were some tool malfunctions which took up some unaccounted-for hours, but they finished before nightfall.  I can't wait to get started finding furniture and making ZB's room a cozy place to be:

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