Friday, December 21, 2012

A New Room

I finally got the boot out of my office space!  It's time to give ZB her very own room.  Eventually B will wall off a section of our large bedroom to make a new office for me, but for now he is in full-on "New Bedroom Mode".
First, we had to clean out the office - for now all my sewing supplies and ebay inventory are piled in our bedroom.
Next, the carpet was pulled up and B repainted the trim and ceiling:
The new shade of "Sassy Lilac" is started.  As much as I love new paint, I can't stand to pick out a color!  B and the boys were happy to take this on, and I think it looks so sweet!
Even Reed lent a hand.  Actually, he *begged* to be able to help paint, and ended up painting an entire wall!
As I sit here typing, I can hear B sawing off the bottoms of the door jams, preparing to install the new hardwood floors he bought today.  This is a really fun project, and I'm also excited for it to be done so we can start getting the house organized again :)  Staying busy as always!

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