Monday, July 23, 2012


It's so fun to walk out in the yard each day and find new things to harvest!  ZB knows right where to go to find new berries!  I think the ducks were following, hoping for a treat.  When I came out last night, I found ZB at the elderberry bushes.

There are certainly plenty to eat.  I really need to figure out how to use these things, actually!  This year will be our first harvest of them.
With a little help, ZB is happy to shove them directly into her mouth!

The chickens were waiting patiently nearby.  As soon as ZB leaves, they are happy to come have an elderberry snack, too...
The garden is growing in full force!  It's easy to get dinner from the garden each night... yum!
Tongiht, we had a stew of sausage, tomato, garlic and eggplant over a bed of quinoa.  All veggies from the garden of course!
We're also finding lots of interesting flowers.  This is B's first year growing his own tobacco, which was VERY slow to start, but is coming up nicely now, and has such sweet flowers on it...
Another plant that is flowering and nearly ready to harvest is the hops.  I'll be excited to brew some beer this Fall with our homegrown hops in them!
Other things growing around the house are these children!  Clay became intent tonight on learning how to front flip off a stump.  He's a much braver person than I am, for sure.  I only got the camera out in time to see some not-so-great action and he decided to call it a night :)
I am starting to be challenged to make enough food each day for this growing brood.  In fact, this is the actual crime scene I came inside to after I had my dinner...
Well, at least they saved 1 piece of pie for me.  And it was fresh baked Chocolate Chip Walnut Pie, so who could really blame them?

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