Monday, July 2, 2012


Well, I'm either a chicken or just lazy. I'm going to go with the latter to save face. Our little flock of birds is getting smaller by the minute, I tell ya! We have 8 chickens and 2 ducks currently. Turns out one of our sexed chicks was not properly identified (it happens), and we happen to have a lovely rooster. He really is a pretty thing, and that why I feel like such a chicken for not loving the guy - but I really can't stand him

 I have bad associations with roosters from our days living in Colorado and taking care of a neighbor's flock. His rooster would routinely attack me (like, several times a day, I just got used to kicking the guy in the face). I've read the stories about roosters blinding children, because they go for the eyes, and they freak me out! (not to worry - this is only if your kid is between 1 and 2 years old - hey wait! that's us!). Our rooster isn't especially aggressive, but I'm just afraid he'll get there. Plus, his breed is not my fave. So, if he were to procreate (and yes, I witnessed his attempts at this, for the first time, tonight... yikes! those poor hens!), I wouldn't really want any of his off-spring.

I've done lots of you-tubing of chicken "harvesting" and actually feel pretty okay with doing it. But, alas, I really just don't feel like killing him myself! He's not particularly meaty, so it'd be a big deal (in my opinion) for maybe a few pounds of meat. I just want him gone more than I want to deal with him. So, yup, I'm probably a chicken.

Hey, anyone want a rooster??

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Nichole said...

My mom raised chickens when I was in high school, and her rooster hated me. It would chase me from my car to the front porch every day after school. I'm still terrified of birds.

Don't tell the animal-rights people, but I finally shot the rooster in the leg with my brother's BB gun. It didn't chase me after that.

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