Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Little Chickens

Our little chickies needed their heat lamp raised (they wouldn't get anywhere near the heat, so they were ready for it to not be quite so warm). I couldn't figure out a good (safe) way to raise it, without B drilling a new hole in the ceiling for a hook. So, we brought them out into the living room, where there already is an unused ceiling hook. It also lets them get more attention, since they are in an active area, and it's easier for me to take their waterer outside to clean it (which is pretty often now!).

10 days old - chirp chirp!
And here's the other little chicken in the house - this one was supposed to be sitting on her potty and decided to teeter down the hallway with it, instead :) Too cute to stop!


Allison said...

What fun! Those chickens are so precious...especially the naked one :) Can't believe she's almost 1 already. Tell Bob his chicken coop looks amazing.

Shut Up and Walk said...

What a cute little chicken butt!

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