Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 Week Old Chickies

Tuesday was the one-week mark for our little feathered ladies! They are still in their cute, downy fluff phase, and we really enjoy all their peeping and silly antics.
We love to get them out and play! Unfortunately, not everyone can play with the chicks - ZB obviously is too young, but she does love to look at them in their brooder box.

ZB took her first steps a couple weeks ago, but still crawls a lot. In these last couple days, she's started really trying to walk more than crawl, which is slow-going, but adorable none-the-less. She kinda looks like a cowboy with her wide stance walk. She can also push up off the ground to stand up by herself.

Our little lady also has started making her own sort of cute-baby-mischief, like figuring out how to get her diaper cover off!
Almost there!
Getting distracted to play with my squishy belly:
Got it!


daisy said...

How cute is that??!!!

Shut Up and Walk said...

smart little ladybug :D

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