Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Family

What a fun weekend! We had Bobby's sister and her sweet family in town this weekend, and we all got to be tourists in our own town, which is always fun. Not only did we go around town on LaZoom's big purple tour bus, we also walked all over downtown and through 3 different festivals (and a protest - gotta love Asheville!), had a s'mores roasting firepit going in the yard and went for a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The BRP is in Full Leaf-viewing season, right now. It was very overcast, and the original hike we wanted to do has lots of balds for good views, but it happened to be surrounded by clouds, so we went to lower elevation...
The kids were grinning and literally running around in the parking area - here's ZB with her cousin...
We stopped for a mini-picnic on the trail (I think Blossom ate mostly leaves!)
And checked out a beautiful waterfall (wishing is was warm enough to use the swimming hole at the bottom).

The kids climbed some trees...
And jumped the rocks in the creek...
Then we headed back up the mountain trail to the car, where the kids promptly collapsed while the adults caught their breath!
I was not good about taking photos this weekend! Glad I at least remembered the photos for the hike!


Dawn said...

I've been to that waterfall. Is Lazoom really worth the money? I have considered it but, what a price tag. I saw you on home asheville. Nice to see another local blogger.

Julie said...

LaZoom was very fun (some of the humor would be too raunchy for some tastes, I'm sure), they do have a discount for locals!

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