Sunday, June 26, 2011

Around the Homestead

Some photos of our ever-evolving urban homestead!
A new row of veggie beds being put in:
Baby trees: plums, cherries, persimmon, almond, butternut
The garden I made while pregnant, to protect B's dogwood tree, will be mostly mostly medicinal herbs and flowers. Now has swiss chard, echinachea, lavender, our Scarlett hosta (the hosta planted on Scarlett's grave 3 houses ago that keeps getting split and spread to each house :) and some irises that were a baby Blossom present
My new garden! B just made this for me - it wraps around a corner of the back patio, and will have kitchen herbs in it. Today I got to plant the first things in it! Rosemary & oregano have found their home :)
B's project for the day was working on the steps of the front porch. The steps were from the side of the porch. The logs are from a few cedar he fell in the Spring.
Lookin good!


Anonymous said...

Love the new garden beds.What kind of wood did you use to make them?

Julie said...

Thanks! I love them too! They are made from landscaping timbers.

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