Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 Months

It was near this time last year that I had the scary realization that in only a year, I would have a 3 month old baby... And undoubtedly it's happened - and she's such a sweet thing, I can't complain a bit!

Here's Miss B sporting her new headphones (sound isolation, not for listening to music :) so she can go to concerts with me (and okay, I was dying to take this photo of her... DJ Blossom!)

The boys' Aunt was in town for a few days, and we got to hang out with her and take a beautiful hike today! Reed found plenty of cool mushrooms:
Clay got to practice parkour:
The trails were dusted with rhododendron petals:
And the water was perfectly chilly:

I'm feeling very blessed with my sweet family, and especially getting to love on my lil' 3 month old!

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