Sunday, May 18, 2008


FLast weekend we came back from a wonderful weekend of camping at LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) right down the road in Black Mountain, NC. It was meant to be a nice escape from my life for a minute, didn't exactly turn out that way, but we had a blast anyhow! I couldn't even guess the numbers of campers that come to this. The boys and I camped with about 8 other families, all good friends, either homeschoolers of folks who used to homeschool - so TONS of kids for the boys to play with. In fact, it was hard to get them to leave the campsite and actually enjoy the festivities, they were so busy playing.

We saw our favorite, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - kids hip-hop. He played several times. I re-learned to contra dance and did a Nia class. We saw some late-night reggae and spent alot of time at the beach of the lake. Reed learned some Aztec dancing and of course busted out some break-dance moves at 23 Skidoo's show. The boys spent LOTS of time at Kids Village - there's a stage there, also random activities (see photos of shaving cream play below), moon sand, crafts, face painting, a kids' talent stage (for tips) and a kids market. Reed has decided that next year he wants to sell some home-made wares at the market - he was very inspired by our friend Isobell who made a couple hundred dollars selling her rubberband yo-yo's!

Clay playing in shaving cream:

And Reed:


Cool photo Reed took at Kids' Village:

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