Friday, May 16, 2008

Inch by Inch Row by Row, I'm gonna make this garden grow!

I now live on an urban 1/2 acre - partially wooded. The woods are nearly taken over with poison ivy, so that will be a project in itself for the next few years. In the long term, I'd like to be very sustainable with food growing - probably not grains, though maybe some. Mostly fruits and veggies. I'd like to slowly convert the woods to an urban orchard. I'd also like to get khaki campbell ducks for their eggs, pest control and general loveliness.

But that's getting ahead of myself... I've been researching the Square Foot Gardening method - while I don't think it will save the world (as the book not-so-modestly implies), I do think it is an effective way to garden in a small space. On the north side of the gardens are trellises made from electric conduit piping that all vining plants will grow on (pumpkins, tomatoes, peas, melons, cukes). I am proud to say that I made all of this stuff - lil' old me :D Girl power! I also constructed (with the help of some friends) a bamboo tee-pee in the back, that we planted runner beans at the base of. Hopefully by mid-Summer, it should be completely covered with bean vines!

I waited all Winter for Spring to show me what hidden treasures lay underground, waiting to come up, in this new yard. Unfortunately, the answer was only poison ivy. So, a new mission is to get some nice perinneals in here as well as functional veggies and such.

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