Thursday, June 16, 2016


We are finally settling back into regular life after the Iowa trip!
Right when we came home, it was Clay's 16th birthday!  He hung out with friends all day and went to the skate park.  He and his friends did stop by the house for a minute to open presents and have some cake.

The very next day, both boys left for California.  Clay is spending 2 weeks there with his Dad, Reed is spending a whole month!!  That is definitely the longest that Reed has been away from home.  He's very excited!  He'll come home just in time for his 13th birthday.

Blossom did a ballet camp the following week which she loved.  She can't wait to start real lessons next month.  In the mean time, she's doing weekly swim lessons at a local gym.
Here she is at the little "recital" for parents on the last day:

We met up with some homeschool co-op friends to do a fun hike to the lake!

And now that things have settled down, I started having kids over to the house again for childcare... messy art projects and all!
Finally getting settled into Summer!

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