Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mighty Wind

We had a terrific wind storm here in WNC!  I was honestly a bit afraid to bring ZB to her preschool, as it's held in cloth yurt in the forest!  She fared fine, of course.  The real issue was our own property.
As we were getting ready to head out in the morning, this cedar split off one of it's trunks.  We're so thankful that the worst it did was crush a fence!  And this makes excellent firewood, so that's always good.
About an hour later, one of our hemlocks came down.
This one went right into the neighbor's yard, taking down a few lines on it's way.  The fire department came out and cut it out of the neighbor's driveway and the power company repaired the line quickly.  Bobby and that neighbor spent the next couple hours sawing and clearing the rest of it.
The rest of the day was spent hauling that wood to the back yard, and sawing up the cedar that was down in the back.  Another neighbor came over and helped out with that job, which was so sweet!  We are blessed to have such great neighbors!

Even with 2 chainsaws working, ZB was quite content to gather cedar berries in her basket, and climb the piles of brush!
Today, the wind settled down.  We had a fantastic bonfire with a lot of the hemlock.  I cooked dinner on the fire, and we even got to stay out for hours and enjoy the night as a fresh coat of snow came down around us!

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