Sunday, May 24, 2015

April Mash Up

Here's a catch up since I've last posted!
ZB's birthday was over her preschool's Spring Break, so they celebrated her "School Birthday" in April.  The teacher told her the story of the Rainbow Bridge, and how she used to be an angel, and how she had decided to come live on earth with her parents and brothers.  To get to earth, she had to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  She got to act out the story by running into my arms at the end!
Then we went outside and shared a treat, while ZB got to hear a snippet of what things she did each year of her life and light a candle for each year (and then blow them all out!).

At our Homeschool Co-op Spring semester,  I was co-teaching a "Book and Cook" class for grade schoolers, and an "Exploring Animals" class for preschoolers.  We had such fun in both classes.  In the animals class, we learned about the different classifications of animals and focused each class theme around them.  On our amphibian day, we took a trip to a local pond to catch tadpoles.
 We even got a surprise by finding a baby snapping turtle!!

Our co-op has started doing field trips, and one was to the Nature Center.  The older kids went off exploring on their own.  ZB liked to take her time and thoroughly explore each part!  Can't blame her - it's a great place, they even have a farm animal petting zoo.

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