Wednesday, February 11, 2015

One Warm Day

We had one blissfully warm day here in the mountains this weekend.  I think it was in the 60s!!  We soaked up every minute of sunshine that was possible. 
Bobby, Blossom and I took the short drive to Warren Wilson to hike along the creek.  I can't believe it's been years since I've been here - it's SUCH a great hike with kids.  It was warm enough that Blossom even dipped her feet in the water (very quickly!).
It's a neat hike because there are plenty of interesting spots along the way.  There are big rocks to climb on, a small bamboo "jungle", farm animals, and even a sandy beach if you hike far enough.
Yup, Blossom loves her some real river sand!  Shoes came off... she did not want to leave.  We had to pry her away as the sun started to set, since we knew that meant the end to the glorious warm day and back to the chilly Winter.

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