Sunday, September 14, 2014

This morning started out with the loud sound of peeping chicks from the living room.  They are too cute to be mad at!  These little guys are all of 4 days old.  They are Dominiques, a breed I have been looking for, and just found a few on Craigslist.  The fellow also gave me 8 fertile eggs, which I squeezed under our broody hen (that means she's trying to hatch out eggs).  Hopefully she'll stick with it and we'll have another batch of chicks in the beginning of October.
Blossom is doing a very good job of holding these little guys gently.  This chick, the kids named "Fatty" (he's the biggest, and probably a rooster).  He got to play in the dollhouse today.

We had our Sunday Art Group this morning.  The attendees have dwindled over the Summer, but we're hoping it will pick up once everyone is back in the rhythm of Fall schedules. 
Blossom and Willow picked lots of flowers and leaves to bring to the table.  The table was so lovely with all the colors!  They made designs of petals and leaves on clear contact paper and then sealed it over with another piece.
I secured that inside a paper plate frame, which they could decorate with crayon.  Then we hung them up in the window to see the sun shine through!

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